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SELF CARE the Foundation of the 3 Pillars

There are 3 pillars when it comes to achieving your health goals, Mindset, Nutrition & Exercise. Sometimes its hard to focus on all 3 at once and can become quite overwhelming, however if you build a solid foundation and prioritise SELF CARE, I strongly believe the 3 pillars then fall into place and become a lot easier to build & maintain those healthy habits within each pillar making it easier to reach your goals. This blog explains why self care should be the starting point of your journey, not the reward at the end of it.

SELF CARE is so important! There's many different aspects of self care, each one just as important as the other and in order to reach our goals whether that be weight loss, maintenance, improving health, muscle gain - whatever it may be, self care is crucial.

Many think in order to reach your goals, you only need to focus on nutrition and exercise, but that's only part of it. First you must build a solid FOUNDATION of self care, whatever that may look like to you!

Now the reason I capitalize foundation, is because if you don't first focus on self care the other two pillars (nutrition and exercise) will fall flat, you won't maximise nor gain the benefits of these two pillars without first building a foundation of self care. Reason I say this, is because self care is crucial in building a STRONG mindset, and a strong mindset is what motivates you, keeps you determined, dedicated and accountable - all things that are ESSENTIAL to help keep you focused on nutrition and exercise.

Reason I call it 'Self Care' and not mindset, is because you need self care in order to build a strong mindset. Yes, nutrition and exercise 100% improves mindset and helps keep you in a positive frame of mind..... but what gets you to the gym for that 6am or 7pm workout? What motivates you to spend the only free 2hrs you have on a Sunday to meal prep and plan your meals for the week? What inspires you to remain dedicate to your goals, so much so that your turning down that extra pizza slice on takeaway night?


And in order to build that strong mindset you need to prioritise self care! Now I'm not saying that this means you spend loads of money on holidays.... I'm talking the simple things you love and that makes you happy and relaxed - whatever that may look like to you. This could be spending 30mins every night when you go to bed reading your favourite book, setting aside 1hr a week to go to your favourite yoga class, spending more time in the kitchen than ordering out because you love to cook and it's your kind of therapy.

But two things EVERYONE should do as part of your self care routine, is to be KIND to yourself and speak only positive things in regards to you and your body! Second is to set aside time everyday for yourself to do something you enjoy and will bring you peace and happiness. I know that's hard to do for most us, as this day in age we all work long hours and rarely have the luxury to have some down time.... But we ALL need it! Doesn't have to be hours sitting on the couch, a 15 minute bath at the end of a busy day, 10 mins reading your favourite magazine while having a coffee as the kids sleep before you tackle the house work for the day, or 20 mins having your feet up with your favourite beer in hand! ANYTHING you enjoy but never have time to do is SELF CARE!

It's time we start putting ourselves first! You'll be amazed at how these small changes can help strengthen your mindset and improve your vitality and motivation to then focus on eating healthy and moving daily!

Invest in yourself, because your worth every minute!

Revitalize Health & Wellness

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