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I cannot stress enough how important organisation and meal prep is to maintain your healthy habits, especially when we get to mid week when we're starting to feel exhausted and stressed and temptation/cravings kick in.

Now we're all human and I'm first to admit that the past few weeks, with office renos, interior decorating, working two jobs and now first week of being open, I haven't been organised or meal prepped. BUT THAT'S OK! Because I know that once my schedule is more stable and I'm not so exhausted, I'll be getting straight back into it.

Sometimes self care needs to take priority and on weeks when your exhausted, stressed and lacking in time, you opt for quick meals that often lack nutrients (i.e. takeout). This is ok on occassion, but if you know your going to have another day similar the following day, here's a trick to ensure your at least getting some nutrients and good energy sources in your food.

FIRST, ensure you have a good source of complex carbs (i.e. sweet potato, brown rice, quinoa, wholemeal/wholegrain pasta etc).

SECOND, protein source (preferably high quality, lean proteins like kangaroo, chicken breast, steak with fat trimmed, salmon fillet etc).

THIRD, good quality fats (i.e. avo, extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO) unsalted nuts etc)

FORUTH, BUT MOST IMPORTANT ..... VEGETABLES!!!!! stock up! This should be the bulk of your meal! Any and every vegetable you can get your hands on. Ensure this is what most of your meal consists of! It will give the illusion your eating a massive meal too, allowing you to not overdo the carbohydrates i.e. pasta

Below is how I utilised the above for a quick 10minute meal mid week.

* 1/2 cup of chickpea pasta (once cooked I only used 3/4 of the pasta) * Packet of mixed vegetables (as fresh as possible or frozen) * 1/4 cup of Pasta sauce (preferably one low in salt) * 80g Roast Chicken breast (skin removed) *dash of EVOO

The key with every meal, is to add as many vegies as you can! And as much variety as you can! A good trick too is to add a homemade salad or vegies to you takeout, or indulgent meals. This helps you eat less, whilst getting in your 5 serves a day!

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