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Now I'm a strong believer in BALANCE, VARIETY & MODERATION!

Focusing on these 3 things allows you to aid your mental health by not feeling restrictive, ensures your getting ALL necessary nutrients you will ONLY get by eating a VARIETY of foods (especially where vegetables and fruits are concerned). And moderation allows us to ENJOY our meals whilst aiding weight loss via the scientifically proven strategy of a Calorie Deficit - WITHOUT EXCESSIVE RESTRICTIONS.

Unfortunately popular diets that do promote extreme food restrictions are being promoted for all the WRONG reasons! Swipe through the slides for the REAL low down on diets and if we MUST promote a diet which diet most of us Nutritionists and Dieticians would more likely recommend over others (although I believe the 3 key words above should be promoted more so than a diet).

At the end of the day it comes down to eating to fuel your body, to aid its day to day functions to help keep you active, happy and healthy within yourself!

If you need help cutting through all the BS and getting REAL scientific facts and information tailored to you and your needs, book an appointment to see me by here.

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