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Alessandra's Journey

Alessandra has continuously been on her own journey to lose weight and be more confident within her own body. After weighing her heaviest at 106kg in 2016, she realised that she was worth more than to live a life where she was constantly negative towards herself and her body. 

It was this decision that sparked her passion for nutrition science and led her to gain her degree and help others who also struggle as she has. Two years later, Alessandra lost 30kg! She was ecstatic that her hard work paid off and right before moving to England for 12months to study and travel Europe. However, while overseas and with COVID-19 happening soon after she arrived back in Melbourne, the weight started to slowly creep back on. Until weighing her heaviest in 2020 at 99kg.


She was devastated, here is someone meant to become a nutritionist but STILL able to gain weight so easily! It was then that she realised, this was her point of difference. She's never been super skinny, never been satisfied with her body, or her weight, but that's why she chose this career. Helping others' realise that it's not an easy journey, it takes dedication and hard work, a cycle that never ends. However, she realised over the years that hard work shouldn't be stressing over what you eat, but giving your all to your exercise routines, and enjoying your life. So she focused on increasing her fitness and during lockdown, she started running. Focusing only on balanced meals, not calorie counting or fad diets, and roughly 12 months later she has lost 28kg and still going.  

Alessandra developed key components that she worked on to improve her health and create a healthier lifestyle and with that, the weight loss came. It's these key components and scientific, evidence-based research that Alessandra bases her consults on, to help her clients' achieve their goals, becoming happier, healthier versions of themselves, whilst helping them to feel more confident in their own skin. 

"Building healthier habits and creating a happy lifestyle aids weight loss. However, this is a continuous journey and takes time, Rome wasn't built in a day and we need to stop viewing weight loss as a short-term thing!" - Alessandra

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